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The Milkman of India

Finishes education in India.

Leaves for the US on a scholarship.

Returns. Works for a government creamery.

Finds the job unchallenging.

Joins Kaira District Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union Ltd.

Helps set up their processing plant.

And hence marks the birth of Amul.

Architect of Operation Flood.

Father of the White revolution.

Masterminds the world’s largest dairy development program.

And makes India the greatest milk producer in the world.

The Ramon Magsaysay Award for Community Leadership in 1963.

The Padma Shri in 1965.

The Padma Bhushan the following year.

The World Food Prize in 1989.

The International Person of the Year in 1993.

And the Padma Vibhushan in 1999.

Dr. Varghese Kurien


Gave a rural nation its identity.

Gave over 10 crore farmers their future.

And the world, A TASTE OF INDIA.

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Watch out if you are surfing the Net. The father of the World Wide Web has cautioned that his brainchild has become one of the biggest, most permanent data “archives” in human history.

Nearly two decades after inventing the World Wide Web, TIM BERNERS-LEE stepped into the increasingly frenzied debate over internet privacy with a warning to surfers jealously to guard their personal space with one eye on the future.

Berners-Lee has long admitted that he never realized the potential and scale of his invention when he thought up a project based on the concept of hypertext to facilitate information-sharing among researchers at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, the world’s largest particle physics laboratory known as CERN.

But on Monday, the 17th March 2008, he cautioned the world’s multiplying millions of surfers on its destructive potential in the future. Personal data, he said, was precious and deeply personal and should never be put on website, not least social networking ones suck as Facebook and My-Space.

Surfers should think of their future grandchildren reading the archived net data, he said, in a reminder that the internet has a longevity that goes beyond inscriptions on stone tablets, rock etchings and papyrus. “Imagine that everything you are typing is being read by the person you are applying to for your first job. Imagine that it’s all going to be seen by your parents and your grandparents and your grandchildren, as well.”

Berners-Lee’s comments are seen to underline increasingly acute anxiety about individual privacy in so public a space as the World Wide Web. Already, Facebook and My-Space have recorded their first fall in new and continuous users in their second-most popular base, the UK, as surfers grapple with issues of privacy and data retention.

Berners-Lee compounded his warning on the perils of the Net with an indictment of its creeping commercialization by big businesses, who snoop on surfers.

Striking a blow for net neutrality, he said consumers needed to be protected against systems which can track their surfing activity. Describing ongoing controversial moves to institutionalize and legitimize tracking services, he said his data and web history belonged to him. “It’s mine-you can’t have it. If you want to use it for something, then you have to negotiate with me. I have to agree, I have to understand what I am getting in return.”

Internet service providers, he said, were supposed to supply a neutral service just like water companies supply water to a property.

Berners-Lee’s opposition to web tracking comes amid plans by some of Britain’s leading internet providers to use Phorm, a tracking company to create personalized adverts.

But the father of the web said this constituted a serious breach of privacy and raised the spectre of a web-based big brother watching all of us, at our peril. Surfers who visit sites about cancer could find their health insurance premiums going up because of some deduced ill health, he warned.

Phase two of the web, said Berners-Lee, would include sorely-needed guidance of its future because there are more web pages now than neurons in the human brain, yet the shape and growth of the web were still not properly understood. “We should look out for snags in the future,” Berners-Lee said of his creation, pointing to spam e-mail as an example of things going wrong. “Things can change so fast on the internet.”

[DISCLAIMER- Dear readers, the above article has been included as an excerpt from a recent news article published in The Times of India , as we think that it is of prime utility and supreme interest to the internet users the world over.]

However, we would like to advise the net surfers to be utterly prudent and cautious about putting personal data on websites, while surfing the internet, as it is now an emphatically established fact that personal data is highly vulnerable to tracking or hacking or even unauthorized misuse if posted on websites with insecure connections, and whether it is still safe on websites with secure connections is an even bigger and more sensitive issue that now remains to be addressed by the web gurus, in the aftermath of the jolting revelation by none other than the father of the World Wide Web, himself.

Finally, as a contextual appendix, the age-old wisdom that every invention registered by the human brain invariably carries its pros and cons, stands vindicated. It is for the users to exercise prudence while using it.

- CEO, Zillion 2nd Innings

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1. Develop faith and belief in the Business Concept.

2. Have faith and belief in the Corporation; faith in totality i.e. in its Products, its Management, its commitment, everything.

3. Have unconditional faith and belief in your Up-line, i.e. your Line of Sponsorship (LOS), who are interested only in your success. Keep regular contact with your up-line and get all questions and problems clarified and solved at the quickest possible time to improve your credibility to your down-line.

4. Have faith in yourself and in your spouse. Develop your self image, develop your level of conviction, build your commitment, and give this business of MLM, the priority. This will change your life and that of your down-lines also.

5. Remember that you are helping people by unfolding a unique business opportunity to them. A little bit of an INDIFFERENT ATTITUDE will work best for you in this matter. Your attitude should be like- “If you accept this opportunity, good for you; if you don’t, not bad for me; rather, you are losing an opportunity that doesn’t come your way too often”. Never be persuasive or nagging type. Behave in a friendly, debonair manner, and of course, uphold your own image and those of your up-lines, as well. Understand and remember that your ROLE is of a GIVER and not that of a TAKER. For these developments to take place, follow the system of success in MLM consistently and persistently. FIGURE OUT YOUR OWN DREAM AND WRITE IT DOWN and

a. Attach a date to it, fix it in such places where your eyes will frequently fall upon (on refrigerator, tops, mirrors etc, and don’t feel ashamed to do it. [VISUALISE]

b. Speak about your dreams (which are, now, your GOALS as you have already attached a date to them) with your spouse and children and also with your LOS (Line of Sponsorship). [VERBALISE]

c. And program yourself, accordingly, to reach those Goals. [VITALISE]

6. Read recommended books and listen to recommended tapes to educate yourself about human psychology, how to influence people and convince them and to improve your POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE (PMA). Attend seminars and other functions to associate yourself with the people who are already successful in this business and whom you would like to follow.

7. Be Teachable- Accountable- both to others and to yourself.

8. Develop a habit of reading recommended books for 30 minutes/day and listening to recommended tapes for 15 minutes, everyday before going to bed- no matter how tired you are. That proves your accountability to yourself.

9. All these, will raise your level of conviction which will, ultimately, help you in your success in this business of MLM. Until and unless you can improve your level of conviction, you can’t be successful. While, you are Showing the Plan (STP), the people who are watching you are constantly judging you. So, it doesn’t matter what you say, but does matter how you say. They are interested in seeing how much of conviction, you have in this business concept, how excited you are about this business, how committed you are towards this business. Hence, remember, they are always judging you.


This gorgeous business of MLM is a trade, which is very closely related to your life, in general. Learning and teaching is a continuous and consistent process that has to be followed to the T. In this business, you ought to learn from your seniors i.e. the already successful people, who know how the game is played and what the ins and outs of the trade are; and to teach your down-lines the very same in an officious and selfless manner. Remember your down-lines’ success is your success. So, give your optimum to their cause in order to get the same back from them for your sake.


You have to do it just the way you take care of your kids. They are your biggest assets in the business. Convince them, nurture them, motivate them, and build healthy long term professional relationship with them. Do whatever it takes to help them identify, strive for and achieve their goals, because doing that will ensure your goals being materialized in the process. This is the beauty of this business. Sponsoring 15-20 direct down-lines/distributors and helping them in the manner described above would ensure, at least, 4-5 of them becoming the stalwarts of your organization. And once, a strong foundation of your organization is prepared, you can build an empire of successful MLM Leaders leading and managing their own healthy and rapidly advancing organizations under your able, efficient and inspiring guidance and leadership.


Inculcating sound business habits and ethics within yourself and your organization and building a very high standard/level of confidence based on the knowledge and skills of the system of the business, always results in enabling you to be fully equipped and prepared and TOUGH so that you and your organization are able to overcome any form or dimension of TOUGH TIMES or obstacles/hindrances that may come your way in the process of expanding or executing your business. Hence, always make sure you and your organization are tough (well equipped and capable) in the trade and also see to it that the same trend or ethics is being duplicated down the line in your entire organization’s generations because POWER BREEDS POWER.


1. “How to win friends and influence people”- Dale Carnegie

2. “Magic of thinking Big”- David Schwartz

3. “Think and grow rich”- Nepolean Hill

4. Master key to riches”- Nepolean Hill

5. “7 habits of highly effective people”- Steven Covey

รจ (You can buy the above books and many more highly useful ones from the exclusive and reputed stable of AMAZON.COM (see the side bar) at exceptionally low prices) Q



People who are complacent in their present life style are not your customers.

Believe me, even a millionaire has needs; don’t commit the mistake of excluding him.

They will form a well-knit team because of built-in mutual trust and liking.

Too young are not paid heed to; too old hardly want to change.

People always having excuses for failing an appointment are the worst of customers.

Those who never fail to keep commitments will be your strongest team members.

They have a very high degree of confidence to get difficult things done.

They can have a ready team, while others have to toil to make one.

Those who are not, any proposal from them will be frowned upon to be a scam.

Probe any stranger; he may become the brightest of your team members.

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10 Secrets To Success In MLM


If you find no one to talk to over the oranges in a grocery store, move to the pears.
You make a big mistake by not doing so.
Instead, try to fix an appointment for business discussions.
Having met someone for the first time is just the beginning of the story.
This may require a simple “hello”.
A rejection today could mean tomorrow’s opportunity.
You have to shift to the “productive” from the ‘non-productive”, continuously.
Apart from business, this will also ensure co-operation, trust and love for you.
Working Hard, Now, is the key to expand your COMFORT ZONE for the rest of your life.
Invest your toil today, rear the harvest tomorrow.



8 Cardinal Steps to Go Direct

(a) Show the plan (Success is directly proportional to the no. of plans shown)
(b) Listen to recommended tapes for updating knowledge, inspiration & motivation.
(c) Read any book on Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) or People Skills, at least, for 15 minutes every night before going to bed.
(d) Attend all Business Meetings, Training sessions/functions/associations as recommended by the Up-line.
(e) Be 100% loyal in using products from your own business.
(f) Develop a customer base too.
(g) Be Teachable; maintain a counseling mode with your growing Up-line.
(h) Be accountable.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


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Possibly, more than any other type of business, MLM stresses the absolute necessity of setting GOALS. It has been reported by Harvard University that only 10% of the population ever establish Goals in their minds and only 3% actually write them down. The 3% who put their goals in writing, far out distance the other 97% in getting what they want out of their lives.

Ask yourself, what you want to achieve as a result of your MLM business. Do you want to add an extension to your home, or buy a new house or car? Are you saving for special vacations or your children’s college education? Do you want to make investments so that you will become basically independent? Setting REALISTIC GOALS is a very mentally tiring activity and not as easy as it sounds. But, it is absolutely necessary if you are to succeed in MLM (or any other business, for that matter).


You must also expect to invest some money. You must have sales aid and you should have enough products to sell to your distributors, as soon as you sponsor them. Having products on hand often encourages people to immediately begin looking for potential downline distributors. You may also want to place ads and/or make direct mailings to look for distributors. But, whatever you spend, the investment does not even begin to approach the smallest amount of capital needed to get started in a conventional business.

Be aware that you will face disappointment and discouragement along the way. You will be enthusiastic and excited about the financial independence which MLM offers and you will expect everyone you speak to, to feel the same way. Unfortunately, they won’t. Many people may accuse you of having gone crazy. They may laugh at you or crack jokes at your expense. They may even become angry. The anger is usually connected with the fear that you really might have something good and might become wealthy, while they remain in the same financial position, they are in right now. In order to reach your goals in Multi Level Marketing (or any other business), you must be willing to move on and move ahead, even if it means leaving some of your old friends behind.


The biggest and most important factor that you bring to your MLM business is YOU- Your Personality, your knowledge of the company and the products plus your enthusiasm and desire to be a WINNER. All MLM companies encourage their distributors to purchase MOTIVATIONAL BOOKS AND TAPES. I highly recommend this not only for MLM people, but for anyone who wants to succeed in any business- or in life for that matter. When things do not go right, when the prospect you expected doesn’t join, when there are delays in orders etc., your mental attitude may become negative. “Feeding your mind” with positive books and tapes and associating with people who are supportive and “up”, will help you get back on the positive track, again.

MULTI LEVEL MARKETING is not for everyone. Before you commit yourself, do enough homework to decide if it’s for you. If you come to a positive conclusion on this point, get out your PROSPECT LIST, your GOAL SHEET, your books and tapes; add onto your enthusiasm and

--Swami Vivekananda



The most COMMON MISTAKE that most MLM distributors often commit is underestimating the role of product in MLM. Most people land up thinking that the product sales can be done without and that sponsoring people alone can earn them better dividends.

The factual requirement is that PRODUCT must be moved. MLM is not a chain letter concept. You and your downline must tell people about the product line and why they should want to use these products for themselves and how by sponsoring enough people they too can earn a great deal of money. Due to the peculiarities of human nature, however, you usually have to sponsor fifteen or twenty people to find three or four good ones. The rest fade away with inertia within a short time unless you contact and motivate them constantly- and even then, a good percentage will still drop out.

Unfortunately, many people are jumping on the MLM bandwagon without the remotest idea of what they are getting involved in. just as in any business, you have to know how to play the game. There is a way to win and a way to lose. There is, however, no free lunch. People, who make it in multilevel, must put forth effort, energy and concentration to build their organization. The difference between MLM and conventional marketing techniques is that often in just a few years a successful downline will do most of the work for you and you can “retire”. Howzaaattt…..!!! Great! Isn’t it?


Once you decide that you are interested in MLM, there are several things you need to do. First, you must do some research on the company you are considering joining. There are thousands of MLM companies, if not lakhs and the number is growing by every passing quarter or so. Though the majority are honest and reliable and have excellent products, many of them will be out of business because of poor financing or inexperienced management. Unless you are among the three percent of the population who enjoy selling, you will want to represent a product line that will literally, sell itself.


1. Ask yourself, if the product line is the one that you will use.

2. Find out if the company has good financial backing. This is a major factor and it is a major reason why MLM companies fail. Find out the name of the company bank and the organizations and associations it belongs to.

3. Also check the top management. What’s their background? How long have they been involved in MLM? How successful have they been? Much of this information is available through the MLM “grapevine”- other MLMers.

4. The company you want to join should be a progressive one. This is where the real ground floor opportunities exist. The company should make it easy for you to participate. Products should be shipped directly to each distributor so that you do not have to carry inventory except for yourself and your personal retail customers.
There should be a minimum of paper work- computers are omnipresent in this age of cyber world, and should be used to do all of your paper shuttling for you, and pay all commissions and bonuses directly to each distributor.

5. Carefully check the MARKETING PLAN. Generally, you want bonuses to be paid on, at least, four or more levels. Usually, the easier the Plan is to understand, the better it is. You also want to evaluate it to make sure that you don’t have to maintain impossible quotas in order to receive good bonus cheques.

6. Look at the company’s sales aids and literature. Successful, progressive companies represent themselves in print with the same image they want to project, in person.

7. The company should require little or no investment in order for you to get started. However, if you want to be successful, plan on buying a distributor kit and sales aid. Without these, you won’t have company and product knowledge or anything to show people whom you want to sponsor.

Finally, see if you can determine the philosophy that guides the company. How committed are they to the success of their distributors? The basis of MLM sales is many people moving small amounts of merchandise. If the company is not concerned about the “little” distributor, it is not the company for you.

Once you have chosen the company, stay there! One of the worst things new MLMers do is attempt to become distributors for several companies at the same time. Don’t fall into this trap of dissipating the primary focus of your concentration. Nor do you want to become part of the “MLM Club of the Month” by switching from company to company looking for more “greener grass”.


Now, that you have joined the company of your choice, after reassuring yourself about the company’s stature and standard, the next thing you need to know is how and whom to approach/contact for sponsoring some distributors for your organization. Well! The process and method of doing exactly that is known as PROSPECTING. Here’s how to do it:


This should include everyone you know, plus new people you come in contact with. You should be adding to the list constantly. Eventually, you will narrow it down, but right now, just write down names. This stimulates your mind to keep thinking of more and more people- many of whom will be suitable prospects. Your list should include family members, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, shopkeepers, people in the same business as you, people you meet at a party, your doctor, your mail person, car mechanic, people you buy from or sell to, the waitress/waiter at the restaurant where you have lunch- everyone. However, not every prospect will be a suitable candidate for you downline. The ones you actually want in your organization need to be enthusiastic with POSITIVE ATTITUDES. You want people who expect to work for their success- not those who will wait for success to come to them. You don’t necessarily want “sales people” types. The most important thing that anyone can bring to your organization is their desire to have more out of life and their belief that this opportunity is their opportunity.

You want people who are eager to learn about the company and the Marketing Plan, people who ask a lot of questions. You don’t want those who you have to convince and cajole to join. They won’t do any work and will drain your energy. When you sponsor people who are motivated and excited, help them as much as you can. You’ll also notice that these people will appreciate your attention. When you call to find out how they are doing, they know you are interested in them. The people, who are not going to make it in MLM, will let you know that you are nagging and bothering them with your phone calls and visits. It is a mistake to try to indiscriminately, sponsor everyone you know. You need only four or five solid people. That means you should sponsor people who will commit themselves to carry out the program. And, of course, they must teach their people to do exactly the same. Duplicating yourself will help your generations in the business, succeed, thereby, helping you accomplish your GOALS, as well.



Up to now, we have been talking about everything that MLM is not.

What exactly, then, MLM is?

It starts with a manufacturer who has a product line that it wishes to market to consumers. The main reason new companies choose to use MLM is that it usually costs millions of dollars/rupees of marketing expense to introduce a new product. And even then, the results may be disappointing because the competition for consumer dollars/rupees is so great.

Compared to conventional advertising and promotion, it costs a small fraction to introduce a product line through MLM. This means that start up costs are considerably reduced, and more money can be allocated to research and development. As a result, MLM products are generally, of excellent quality.

The concept is simple. An MLM company chooses a nucleus of enthusiastic people in key areas across the country to learn about the product and the business opportunity it represents. The company, then, depends on these people to literally
“ SPREAD THE WORD ”. Of course, there has to be motivation for these original “Sponsors” to become disciples for the company and its product(s).

{The motivation is that it is a well known fact that the people who introduce an MLM company into an area, have a good chance of making a great deal of money- provided, of course, that the company is stable.}

The company provides you as an individual, an opportunity to build an organization (sometimes referred to as your “downline”) by sponsoring four or five committed people who will also “reproduce” themselves by sponsoring another four or five equally committed people. This continues for four, five, six and even seven “levels” in some companies. Sponsoring a person in your MLM organization means that you bring them into the organization as Distributors of the product. The key to making huge sums of money is that you collect commissions and bonuses for the products sold by everyone you bring into your organization plus the people they sponsor.

A little arithmetic will tell you that after five “levels” of four people each (as per basic plans), your organization, theoretically, can contain as many as 1,024 people at the fifth level itself, following the pattern of (4x4)- 16 people on the second level and (4x16)- 64 people on the third level etc.

If you feel like tossing this aside as being ridiculous or impossible- don’t! I have personally met people earning $ 50,000 to $ 100,000 a month (Yesss- I said MONTH) and even more! In many cases, they have been able to earn five figures monthly within one year of joining an MLM company. In INDIA, as well, I have, personally met people earning Crores of rupees from an MLM business. I don’t know of any other type of business that offers this potential. Do you? MLM seems to be the great economic leveler. Some of the biggest earners are unsophisticated, non-business people. In fact, some of them never finished High School. In India, I’ve seen completely uneducated (“angutha-chhaap”, as it is called in Hindi) people earning more than 2-3 Lakhs rupees a month. Most of them had little or no money to start their business when they began in Multi Level Marketing, even in the West. Believe me, friends, I have really seen lives changing overnight, thanks to the revolutionary and miraculously powerful business of MLM.

Where Do MLM Companies Pay the Distributors From?

The key to these earnings is the fact that MLM companies save the usual fifty or more percent of gross income that conventional firms continuously spend on marketing. This money is, therefore, available to pass on to Distributors in the form of commissions and bonuses. Very little or no advertising is done by the MLM companies, although individual distributors may advertise on their own for other distributors and/or retail customers. Distributor kits, sales aids and literature, product packing plus cost of traveling to the key areas for opening seminars and training programs are the major marketing expenses- and even these expenses are borne by the distributor network.


THE BOTTOM-LINE OM MLM IS THAT IT WORKS. The concept is so simple that many intelligent people find it difficult to accept and wind up considering it a fraud or scam. However, one of the truths about MLM is that it is simple, but NOT EASY. Your network of contacts is the name of the game. MLM is a people business. MLMers call it “sharing” the product and the opportunity. Another very appropriate name for MLM is NETWORK MARKETING because it is through one’s own business and personal network of people that an organization is built. If you know people who believe in you or in the company you represent, and the products it sells, and they are ready to commit themselves to becoming distributors, you could be on your way to a fortune. The key is to be absolutely sure that they are committed to buying the product and finding other good people to sponsor- which is exactly what you must do.



Of late, MLM BUSINESSES HAVE BEEN DECLARING BANKRUPTCY almost as fast as new companies emerge. Some people swear that MLM is the answer to their prayers- the American dream come true. Others, when talking about MLM, simply swear- What is this phenomenon that is sweeping the country? Is it the road to riches, or a get-rich-quick scheme? Is it an easy way to make money, or a frustrating time consuming fiasco? Most important- is there a place for you in MLM?

Let’s take a closer look at this innovative form of business and see how it differs from the more conventional ones. MLM is really, not an industry in the same way that steel, construction, computers or video are industries. Rather, it is a marketing concept which can be applied to almost any consumer product or service.

MLM takes advantage of what has been termed MULTI-PLEX INCOME. Everyone is familiar with LINEAR INCOME- you work one day ad get paid a day’s wages or one week for a week’s salary etc; you sew one dress and get paid for that one piece. Certain businesses and professions offer the opportunity to earn tremendous linear incomes including the FILM INDUSTRY and the legal and medical professions. But most linear income positions provide only limited opportunities for acquiring any great amount of wealth. RESIDUAL INCOME is another well known method of earning money. It is the prime income earning source in the INSURANCE INDUSTRY, where a sales person earns income this year from policies sold in the past years. If he/she has enough policies coming due annually, an insurance agent can build a substantial income base to add to current year commissions. Song writers, record artists, TV actors, and authors also earn residual incomes.

Multi-Plex Income, however, takes advantage of the efforts of others to make money for you; it is similar to the way many major corporations earn their income. They rely on the efforts of a network of independent distributors. The manufacturer has no investment in the distributor network other than paying the staff necessary to deal with the network. The MAJOR DIFFERENCE between Multi-Plex earning power, the way it is applied by corporations and the way it is applied by the MLM sponsors is that the corporation must usually back up its distributor network with a considerable number of advertising dollars/rupees.

Monday, March 10, 2008



The newest and one of the most exciting trends in business today, is Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing. Make no mistake about it- this is not a fad, nor is it an illegal pyramid or chain letter scheme. It is a big business offering more opportunity for wealth to more people than any other form of business. There are some 800,000 millionaires in the United States today and thirty five percent of them made their fortune in the last ten years in Multilevel Marketing.

Multilevel marketing (also known as MLM) has finally gained respectability, not only in the West, but also in a major portion of the developing countries, including a rapidly burgeoning economic giant like India. It is being taught in Harvard Business School, and both Stanford Research and the Wall Street Journal have stated that between 65% and 85% of all goods and services will be sold through multilevel methods by the end of the first decade of the 21st century. This is a multibillion dollar industry. The “grand-daddy” of MLM, Amway, declared over a billion dollars of sales, as early as 1980 and a relative newcomer, Mary Kay Cosmetics grossed over six hundred million in 1982.

Almost every product you can buy in a store can be bought through MLM, or will be available soon. This includes vitamins, diet foods, aloe vera products, cosmetics and cleaning supplies, which are among the most popular MLM lines. You can also buy books, magazines, art work, purses, luggage, clothing, stationery and many types of foods. The list goes on and on and the numbers grow almost daily. More millionaires have been created in the last two and a half decades through MLM than any other form of business.

In India, as well, companies like Amway, Eezeebiz, Modicare, Conybio, Free India Concepts (FIC), Pioneer, and Oriflame, Herbalife, Right Concept of Marketing (RCM) to name a few out of more than 2,000 MLM companies that ventured, minted multi billions. The period between 1998 and 2006 has been the heyday for MLM in India. During this period, many Indian companies created a niche for themselves in the world of MLM, and a sizeable number of them registered gargantuan proportions of success and multi bucks.

[Details to follow, soon. Keep an eye on this.]
[SURESHOT SOLUTIONS to common problems in MLM business to follow next. You are invited to post your questions or problems. Our Professional Experts will answer your queries, on the basis of their own personal, practical experiences. Our Experts are Top Level Achievers of different MLMs in India]



Starting with Eureka Forbes, WWI of USA, and Zee Network, 14 years of hard core professional Direct Marketing (door-to-door/Man-to-Man), hooked me onto the captivating web of MLM during late nineties, initially, against my wish (peer pressure), soon after the same began mushrooming in various towns and cities across the Indian mainland and the Islands of Andaman & Nicobar, as well.

The medley of experiences in some of the basic forms of MLM (Binary, Trinary, Metrics etc.), and the in-depth wholesome study and devout, crazy and obsessive involvement, coupled with unrivalled, top level performances and earnings/accomplishments, inspired me to start this MLM Consultancy Service for fellow brethren of MLM.

Hence, WE at Zillion 2nd Innings are committed to discuss, research, analyze, infer, conclude, and inform you about the most sought after, in vogue, controversial and highly competitive world of MLM in India. You can explore, discover, learn, the modus operandi and implement the success formulae, with the help of expert professional guidance by our experienced and accomplished MLM Leaders/achievers, who are committed to help you succeed in this highly rewarding, at the same time, highly competitive business of MLM, purely on the basis of personal, practical experiences and achievements.

Come; let us show the world WE can do it and prove the skeptics wrong, and bottom-line– earn our share of success through this God sent opportunity.

Come; Join us In Celebrating the Eternal opportunity! JUICE BY THAT...


CEO, Zillion 2nd Innings

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This is an interesting bit of information on about having AdSense without creating your own site, though I am not fully convinced about it. Still, you may try it out and see if it works, how far it works. It talks about some social bookmarking sites, which provide the free services for enabling you to have your own adsense.
Anyways, the site is rich in valuable information about creating Blogs and available tools for adding value to them. Do go through the site and enhance your knowledge about Blogs and AdSense. It talks very highly of Google services, for obvious reasons. Check it out & do post your comments to me, here...


Thursday, March 6, 2008



Data Entry Opportunities in India

Data Entry is another field, in which one can seek great earning opportunities, and is high in demand, these days, even in India. You will come across innumerable people who are interested in starting up their own business and without any exception most of them are on the look out for data entry jobs. And out of this group you will find 98% of them have been victims to scams and frauds ending up losing money (although the amount may not be a lump sum one) in the whole process! From several such experiences, a single common question comes up and that is- "Do data entry opportunities really exist?"

Data entry opportunities - My experience

Well, as a data entry worker myself, my obvious answer to this question is Yes, of course it does! Data entry opportunities prevail and are spread all over the world, but all you have to do is to select the right kind of job for you without falling into the trap of scammers and frauds. Data entry, data processing, data conversion or just name any of these related jobs, have been experiencing a massive growth over the past decade. Organizations and the big business houses are feeling the intense need of getting their data processed and manage their ever growing company related information. This has gradually led to ample data entry opportunities with the company hiring large number of data entry clerks so as to ensure the smooth, uninterrupted and efficient management of information.

Home Typists

Apart from being a full time employee, you can also work on a part-time basis. Data entry opportunities of such kind do also exist. You will work from the comforts of your home, in your own flexible manner and there will be no time constraints. Such opportunities include online work from homes, medical billing, medical coding, work of transcriptions, legal transcription, telephone call transcriptions, business coding, data recording, data capturing and many others. One of the most recent and upcoming data entry opportunities is the job of Home Typists. This particular position has been specifically designed for the inexperienced groups of people who have no prior experience or expertise in data entry works.
For the interested and experienced groups of people, data entry opportunities have paved yet another path for earning hard money. It is the job of a simple Affiliate Marketing System program. The job profile out here is as simple as ABC. All you have to do is submit some forms online, or work as mere home typists and all these have to be done by using up the services of Google. Internet connection for this type of data entry opportunities is a must. Thinking of it to be some kind of illegal or scam job? It's my assurance to you; these are completely
legal and honest jobs. It is nothing but simple product promotion.


Data entry opportunities of these kinds will fetch you a pay somewhere between $20-$100 for each transaction that you make. Most of the companies give out payments on a monthly basis, but some do process payments twice a month. Availing these types of data entry opportunities will not only help you earn, but will give a whole new dimension to your life.

Data Entry Careers

In India, always there are vacancies in the data entry careers category. Particularly in big cities like Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai, plenty of data entry careers are vacant. Always the data entry companies are looking for data entry operators to work offline from their offices on different kind of projects. Here I would explain in detail, how to find the best suited data entry career for you.

Offline data entry careers in India

As I have explained above, the need for proficient and experienced data entry operators is in high demand, particularly from big cities in India. But to join them, you need to fulfill the minimum requirements of the companies. Given below, is the list of the requirements of most companies who are looking for data entry works. If you have just completed your college or High school and are looking for a suitable data entry career, read the following and try to develop your knowledge on these subjects :

Offline data entry career requirements

Touch typing knowledge in English and your local language with a
minimum speed of 40 Words/Sec with accuracy 95%
Good command over English
Ability to work on MS Word and Excel
Ability to surf and search the internet.
Must have working knowledge of computer
Scanning of pictures and documents
Knowledge of some OCR softwares

Good communication skills
Knowledge of maintaining data records in computer and retrieving the required datas from that as quick as possible.

But there are very specific requirements from different companies. But developing your skills on the above said areas is very important to find the best suitable data entry offline work career in India. It is also highly recommended having some professional certificates from good recognised institutes will help you a lot. You may have your own ability to work on computers. But the companies are looking for certificates, at first. Having a 'Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA)' and a certificate for your typing ability will attract the guys who review the CVs. So, it is very important to develop your data entry skills and get certificated for your skill and experience.

How to find the data entry career

You can find different data entry careers on different websites and local news papers. Also there are some other websites, where you can find different offers all over India. You can do a search for the term "DATA ENTRY" at There you can find plenty of opportunities to start your data entry career.

Register and update your CV
You can find many data entry careers on the Internet. Among them the following websites are very good :

You can do a search on these websites to find the right data entry career. At the same time, it is very important to register with them and upload your CV to make your CV available to data entry companies. Also make sure your CV`s contents and the description you enter on their websites should include specific 'Key Word Phrases'. For example, if you are looking for a data entry career at Bangalore, Make sure the key phrases 'Data Entry' and 'Bangalore' should be included in the CV`s content, at least 5 to 10 times. The key phrases are very important and it will make the search engine find your CV for that particular term. So, if any company from Bangalore is looking for a data entry operator, it will search the job site and will find you very easily.


After the high school days, many a people plan to work as a data processor. Reason being: it brings in good money with minimal work; that's it!! Who wants to work for hours and earn peanuts if the reversal is possible! Right you are. This is the age of globalization and more importantly the age of tough competition. And for those who want to minimize their working efforts and earn the maximum, for them data processing is an ideal work to be done.


Data processing is a computerized process that converts any kind of data into a concrete piece of information that is easy to read and simple to understand. This concrete piece of information generally comes in an understandable and readable format. The work of processing is usually done on running on a computer and is believed to be a fully automated service. Now you can in no way deny the importance of data to any business organization, be it a small one or a big one. And if seen from the perspective of the growth and prosperity of these business houses, data processing is an indispensable task.

Data or any piece of information turns out to be most useful and also informative once they are presented in a rich and formidable manner. As because the work of data processing is to make the present piece of data all the more informative, thus data processing is very often referred to as the 'information systems' and this particular system sheds light and the practicality of the data.

In a nutshell, the work of data processing is just to manipulate the unused form of raw data into some kind of concrete and useful information. Just feed your machine the raw data and it will give you the most useful and valuable output.

All across the world, the global business houses and the big IT firms and organizations depend heavily on this data processing or data manipulation process, by whatever name you call it, for the purpose of maintaining the updated and the most effective competition. A large number of big scale industries and even the overseas clients like professionals, retailers and manufacturers heavily depend of data processing and consider it to be their ultimate tool in the competitive market. Thus, is felt the need to outsource the work of data processing as well. Outsourcing the data processing services proves to be one of the most viable options to exist in the market of tough competition and on top of it, it turns out to be all the more cost effective and profitable.

Some of the most common services of data processing are as follows:
· Forms processing
· Document processing
· Word processing
· Insurance processing
· Legal document processing
· OCR clean up
· Bar coding
· Scanning from hardcopies and microfilms
· Indexing
· Archiving

Efficient data processing empowers the overseas and the global organizations with a great extent of flexibility that enables them to keep pace with the rapid growth and ever-changing business trends and environment. Comprehensive data processing provides a competitive advantage as well. It lets the client to fully concentrate on such core business activities that center on data processing services. And as far as the Indian service providers are concerned, they solely aim to foster the overall development of their client with the help of their expertise data processing services, capturing and digitizing data from a number of inputs
After going through the detailed description related to data processing and the processing work, you can as well ask me about the working hours and conditions of a data processing worker.

Never mind, I'll shed some light on that aspect as well. 40 hours a week is the standard working hours for the processing workers on an average. All you have to do is sit back in the clean and well furnished office premises and work on processing data from several inputs. And earnings? Well, to be frank it is totally dependent on your pursuit and potentiality.
But on an average, a sincere and hard working processor can shoot up his earning to about $15,000 - $20,000 in a month!!



Friends, while browsing on the Internet, going through various websites on the net, you must have come across a host of online earning opportunities, all claiming to be the number one for you. But, in fact, very few of them are genuine. Most of them are the online money making ventures for themselves and not for you. They try to make money by selling their softwares.

This has been my personal experience during my browsing experience of over a decade.

Read below for the best way to earn online---

I think, the best way to earn some real good money online, while enjoying browsing the internet is "Google AdSense". I think, "Google AdSense" is truly the Number One opportunity for one and all. And believe me, it`s easier than the amount of labour and effort that you have made, the quantum of hardships you have gone through or are still going through, trying to make ends meet throughout your life, and landing up getting mixed results, eventually.


STEP 1. The very first thing to do is to learn what Google AdSense is and what it has to offer. It`s very easy to learn the same through the link I have provided above. Google AdSense is a program enabling online businesses to earn revenue from serving ads precisely targeted to specific web content and search pages. A broad universe of sites profit from AdSense, with service levels ranging from online sign-up to dedicated support management. Google's thousands of advertisers also benefit from AdSense by gaining exposure on sites across the Google Network, including AOL,, Lycos, and EarthLink. Visit

Once, you have understood Google AdSense, its processes, terms and conditions, permissions etc., you would be at the second step.

STEP 2. Now, you need to have a website of your own. Nothing to be tense or worried about. In today`s world, it`s quite easy and hassle free to have a website of your own.

Creating a website is simple, these days. For earning through Google AdSense, one doesn`t always need a full-fledged website of his own, with a seperate domain and hosting. What you can do is-- (a) Create a BLOG (b) Create WEB PAGES.

(a) HOW TO CREATE A BLOG: A Blog is the short form of a Weblog. A lay man can understand it as a small website which is hosted by a bigger one for free and the users do not have to pay for it. There are a number of good sites offering Blog making and hosting services, these days. These services offered are very easy to use online and almost anyone with the general knowledge of internet and very simple typing ability can create a blog by himself/herself. Some of the prominent sites offering blog creating and hosting services are Yahoo Geocities, Blogger or Blogspot,,,, etc.

(b) HOW TO CREATE WEB PAGES : Creating Web pages is also pretty simple and assignment. One can create web pages online with the help of the tools available with the sites that offer the services of creating the web pages. These tools are easy to use and one can customize the look and the feel of the web pages according to one`s taste and requirements. Web pages can also be created at Google`s sites. In fact, the easiest method is to enter "web pages" in to Google search and you would get plenty of sites through which you can create and host your own Web Pages.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing to keep in mind and to be very careful about is the CONTENT of your BLOG or WEB PAGE. You have to offer some genuine utility to the visitor to your Blog or Web Page. The content of your Web Page or Blog has to be unique and peerless, it has to be done spontaneously, very creatively. This is where your personal talent is tested and the same comes in handy.

In fact, if one intends to use the Blog/Web page for one`s personal or private viewers only, the content is not that major a factor. It can be a replica of your own personal diary, as well. But, in order to earn money and make a profession out of it, you need to create a popular, promising, and attractive Blog, that would pull huge crowds to visit your Blog/ Web page and, hence, increase the traffic for the Google AdSense advertisements placed on it, as well, thereby, generating business for you, the advertiser and Google, simultaneously. In a nutshell, it`s a win-win situation for all the parties involved in the process.

STEP 3. Now, that you have a Blog or a Web page of your own, you have to get an account for yourself in Google AdSense. Creating an account is again a normal procedure at Just follow the simple guidelines/ instructions there and get yourself an AdSense account.

STEP 4. Once, your account is approved of by Google, you can have the Google AdSense codes placed on your Blog or Web page.

STEP 5. That`s it !!! Whenever, a Google AdSense ad is clicked by a visitor on your Blog/ Web page, you get paid by Google.

I hope, you must have got a very clear insight in to the entire procedure of Earning Online with the help of Zillion 2nd Innings and Google AdSense.



You can post your queries/ comments, anytime to me, here and I would be happy to answer them for you.



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Here, let me ask you an interesting question-- Have you ever felt like Earning at home without getting into the hassle of everyday rush? Well, if Yes, the good news is that there are innumerable possibilities, avenues and opportunities for almost everyone to earn a handsome living, right in the comfort of your home, while spending time with your family and you know what--- SURFING THE NET !

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