Monday, February 8, 2010



Lost his job

Got defeated for legislature

Started business and failed

Wife died of a fatal disease

Experienced nervous breakdown


Contested in election for speaker in legislature and lost

Tried for nomination in a political party and lost

Applied for the post of land officer and didn’t get it

Contested for senate and lost

Contested for Vice President and lost

Again contested for senate and lost

And two years later…..


got elected as the President of America


Abraham Lincoln



Does not mean you are a failure.

It means you have not yet succeeded.


Failure does not mean you have accomplished nothing.

It means you have learned something.


Failure does not mean you will never be able to do it.

It means you have to do it in a different way.


Failure does not mean you are inferior.

It means you are not perfect.



Failure does not mean you have wasted your life.

It means you have to start afresh.


Failure does not mean you should give up.

It means you should try harder.


Failure does not mean you will never achieve.

It means it takes a little longer.


Failure does not mean God has abandoned you.

It means God has a better idea! You will get the idea if you have faith in Him.


We Can Change/ Succeed

Albert Einstein An ordinary patent clerk… became the world famous scientist.

Abraham Lincoln A poor farmer’s son became the President of America.

Goldameir An average school teacher… became the Prime Minister of Israel.

Franklin. D Roosevelt Sick and both legs paralyzed became the President of America.

Homer Blind… became the greatest Greek writer.

Helen Keller Blind, deaf and dumb became a renowned writer.

Demosthenes A nervous stammerer ended up becoming a renowned Greek orator.

Beethoven Deaf… became the renowned music composer.

Thomas Edison – Matriculate… the greatest inventor. 

M S Oberoi - a simple clerk,              became one of the biggest chain hotel owners in the world. 

K K Patel - son of an ordinary farmer became the largest seller of washing powder in India (‘Nirmabrand, Rs 1, 200 crores turnover). 

Topiwala a matriculate with initial investment of Rs 100 now sells Rs 5 crores worth of ‘Shingar bindi per year. 

Malathi Holla - polio stricken (25 surgeries done), got 150 gold medals in disc throw, etc. 

Sharad Kumar Deekshit - 2 heart attacks; crippled in lower side of the body; vocal cords removed, performed 45,000 surgeries free of cost. 

C N Janaki - both legs polio stricken, prominent swimmer, mentioned in the book Special People’ by the Oxford University.

Instead of blaming darkness,

Light a candle if you can!

Stop blaming;

Instead take action


Generate enthusiasm

Operate to your potential

Destroy negative attitude


Change can start with ourselves and can begin only from within. J