Wednesday, November 25, 2009



Be Prepared!

Dear friends, in India, parents are generally over-protective of their children. The worst damage that we can inflict on our children is to protect them from the experience of pain and suffering. Most people are thus under-prepared to face the hardships of life.

While mulling over this significant aspect of an individual’s grooming for his/her future, I am invariably reminded of a highly effective anecdote that was narrated to me by our Guru ji, Shri R B Giri, when I was a student of the Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Port Blair. I always love to share it with all my audience.

Once upon a time, a King sent his son to an ashram of a learned guru. The prince stayed in the ashram for 12 years. One day the king received a message from the guru that the education of the prince was over and he could come and collect the prince. The king went happily to the ashram and was pleased to note that the prince had grown physically, intellectually and spiritually the way he had wanted. After the graduation ceremony was over and the king had paid the guru handsomely, he started to leave with the prince.

Suddenly, the guru ran towards them and twice hit the prince ferociously with his cane. The prince had tears rolling down his cheeks. The king was shocked to see the brutish behavior of the guru. However, he controlled himself and said, “O learned one! A moment back, you were all praise for the prince. I don’t see any mistake that the prince has committed in the meanwhile to deserve such severe punishment. Will you please explain?”

The guru said, “The prince has not committed any mistake. I am confident that one day he will become as great a king as you are. However, through these last few days, I was having a feeling that I have missed out on something. Thank God I could gain the insight in time. I forgot to impart the experience of pain and suffering. Without this knowledge, he would have been ill-prepared for hardships that life may inflict upon him. He would also not have the ability to relate to the sufferings of others without experiencing pain himself. O great one, I am sorry to make you witness the unpleasant ordeal. But I am now satisfied that his education his complete in all respects.”

Hence, to a great extent I believe that Indian parents will do well to follow the message of the story and allow their children some exposure to a life of struggle and pain.

A healthy person, after all, is not one who is free of problems, but one who is in a position to deal with them. Am I right or wrong?

We don’t learn and grow through pleasure. Do we? We learn through failures, adversities and painful experiences. All those of you out there, who have tasted different degrees of success and accomplishment in multifarious ways in life, have been able to do so invariably and irrefutably through a series of failures, disappointments, sufferings and setbacks. But you didn’t ever give up and toiled, tirelessly, your way to success, no matter which walk of life you came from.

 “No one is immune to problems. Even the lion has to fight off flies.” – Anonymous.

Sunday, November 15, 2009



At 13, is disheartened by father’s conquests.

Worries he would have very little left to conquer!

At 16, leads first expedition, establishes first colony.

At 18, becomes a general in his father’s army.

At 20, ascends to the throne. Heads expedition against Persia.

By 25, conquers most of the known world.

By 32, creates the largest empire ever known.

And 2300 years later, still lives on.



Alexander, the Great.


Because he crossed boundaries.

Because he stretched his limits.


And the entire world’s imagination.


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Monday, November 2, 2009




Tweeters! Monetize Your Twitter Account!

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How it Works (for Tweeters)

1. Set Your Price: All you need to get started is to set your price, add a category and some keywords then wait for offers to roll in from Advertisers.

2. Choose your offers: As offers come in you can accept or reject them.

3. Receive Payment: If you accept an offer, your account will be credited within 24 hours of your tweet. You can cash out once your account reaches $50.

Twitter Advertising

Sponsored Tweets is a new Twitter advertising platform that connects advertisers with tweeters. Advertisers can create sponsored conversations on Twitter. Tweeters can earn money for spreading the word.

Here’s how it Works (for Advertisers)

All you need is a Twitter account to get started. Sponsored Tweets is a white listed Twitter application and uses your Twitter credentials to create an account.

Platform Overview is an online marketplace that allows you to connect directly with influential tweeters to create sponsored conversations through Twitter. Their system allows you to compensate tweeters with cash in exchange for promoting your product, service or site.

Ethical Sponsored Tweeting

Everything within the platform is designed with ethics and safety in mind. Their Code of Ethics includes:

1. Mandatory Disclosure

2. Freedom of Authenticity

3. Freedom of Choice

4. Transparency of Identity

Safety and Trust

They realize that Twitter is a very personal medium and the safety of your account is important to you. IZEA, the parent company of Sponsored Tweets, is a venture backed company with ten million dollars invested by leading venture capitalists. They are a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business and have been operating since 2006.

They’ve implemented the following to provide for your safety:

1. They authenticate through Twitter’s OAuth process. They don’t collect or store your password.

2. They are a white listed Twitter application and have gone through their API approval process.

Celebrity Status


Sponsored Tweets has an exclusive program designed for celebrities who are active on Twitter and would like to connect with potential sponsors. Celebrities receive special promotional consideration and enjoy other perks not available to standard users. Celebrity accounts are limited to those people who are famously recognized by the media within a segment of society.

Do I Qualify?

Celebrity status is available for those people with significant exposure in television, movies, music, radio, sports or other mainstream media. Celebrities generally have agency representation and are known outside of Twitter or Internet circles.

Examples of Celebrities in the System

1. Kendra Wilkinson : TV Star

2. Bethenny Frankel : Celebrity Chef and Author

3. Carrot Top : Comedian

Web Celeb Status


Sponsored Tweets also offers preferred status to those who have achieved distinction online. Famous bloggers, online video producers, personalities and power Tweeters can have their account upgraded to Internet Celeb.

Examples of Web Celebs in the System

1. Chris Pirillo : Super Geek

2. Jeremy “ShoeMoney” Schoemaker : Marketing Maven

3. “Aloha” Arleen Anderson : Social Media Crusader

All celebrities enjoy enhanced listings and filter to the top of an advertiser’s list.

Tweeter FAQ

What is Twitter?

Whoa boy. You are probably in a bit over your head. Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send and read each other’s updates, known as Tweets. Before you use Sponsored Tweets’ service you should head over to Twitter and sign up.

What is Sponsored Tweets?

Sponsored Tweets is a platform that helps you monetize Tweets created via Twitter. You have to be on Twitter first, so go to their website and sign up if you haven’t already.

SponsoredTweets referral badge

How do I sign up for Sponsored Tweets?

Sponsored Tweets uses Twitter’s OAuth process to create a connection between their platform and Twitter. To sign up for Sponsored Tweets you simply click here and click the “allow” button after you’ve logged into Twitter.

Alright, folks! So, stop tweeting for FREE, now and get your Tweets sponsored. Go make some money!!! And do keep me posted so that I can be of help to you if need be. J