Friday, August 15, 2008



Born in 1816 in Germany, as the son of a rabbi.

A bank clerk, flees to Paris in 1848.

Works in a news agency.

In 1849, uses pigeons to fly stock market prices

between Aachen and Brussels.

In 1851, opens telegraph office in London.

Forms alliance with US Associated Press in 1862.

A year later,

builds a telegram line between Wales and Ireland.

Company goes public in 1865.

First office in Asia in Bombay.

Opens in Shanghai in 1871.

And across the Far East a year later.

Expands to South America in 1874.

And eventually, to whatever was left of the world.

Represents over 1000 channels.

Supplies 450 of the world’s largest news broadcasters.

About 200 bureaus across 130 countries.

Reaches more than a billion people each day.

Israel Beer Josaphat.

Later baptized –

Paul Julius Reuter.

Founder of Reuters,

the world’s largest international news agency.

The man who saw a future.

In keeping the world in the present.

And creating history as he did so.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008



Hey friends!

Your “friendly neighborhood MLM fellow” is back with you all after a month-long break. In fact, I was on a comprehensive tour to the Tsunami affected Nicobar Group of Islands, here, in connection with the implementation of a Disaster Risk Reduction Awareness project assigned to me by an affiliate of the renowned NGO – “Save the Children”; and the internet connection is yet to be made available in those extensively restricted tribal areas. Hopefully, this scenario would stand altered in a couple of months’ time, as the agencies are working their guts out to ensure the availability of the net there.

(Those who are interested in learning more about the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, the wonderful location that I am talking about may visit my other blog – “ANDAMAN & NICOBAR - THE HISTORIC INDIAN CORAL ISLANDS” .)

Well, let’s get on with our subject of the day, now---

Define Your Dream

Buddies! Your most fundamental task as you begin your journey in the business of network marketing is to firmly establish what you desire to accomplish through your efforts.

Why are you going to do this?

What do you hope to achieve?

What is your purpose?

What is your “why”?

What would you desire to change about your lifestyle?

Where do you want to be in 2 years?

What is your vision of the future for yourself and for those you love?

What is your target?

What are you objectives?

What will you be running for?

There will be inconveniences. Why will you go through them?

There will be sacrifices. Why will you make them?

There will be obstacles. Why will you fight to overcome them?

In a nutshell, WHAT IS YOUR DREAM?

As you begin to create a picture of your future through your imagination, let’s agree on this principle: money cannot make you happy. Material goods will not bring fulfillment into your life. If you have a poor self-image, a Mercedes is not the solution. If you are selfish and friendless, a new boat is not what is missing in your life. On the other hand, you are not necessarily a more caring individual just because you cannot pay your bills. Being time or money poor doesn’t, in and of itself, make you a better person.

At the outset, let us agree you must establish priorities in your life. If the acquisition of “things” is your most important activity, you will never be at peace. But, if you develop your God-given talents, live a productive life, perform a vital service, order your priorities, contribute to the physical and spiritual prosperity of those with whom you come in contact and those in need, you will be at peace while you enjoy the result of your effort.

Let’s understand this, friends!

People are moved to action by the prospect of results.

What are the desired results that will move you?

What do you want?

This business of network marketing really works, but how will it benefit you?

People would like to create an additional income, a more substantial income, a more secure income, an income which can be ongoing. What do you want?

People want more time to be with the people they love, to do the things they enjoy most, to experience new places. What do you want?

People enjoy being recognized for their efforts, being a part of someone else’s success. People want less pressure, less regimentation, more freedom, more appreciation, less time on the job, work for themselves, more time for recreation and hobbies. What do you want?

People want to get out of debt, pay off their credit cards, their cars, their home. They want to be able to send their children to any school they would like to attend. What do you want? People want to travel throughout the country and world with their family and friends. People want to be free. What do you want? And more importantly, what will you give up to get what you want?

It seems the older we get, the harder it is for us to create a positive vision for our future. When we were younger, it seemed much easier for us to THINK BIG, to expect the best. Nothing could stop us. Has there been a change? Have we listened too long to those who have given up on what they could become? Have we become accustomed to just getting by?

Has it been a while since we have been truly challenged? Are we just a little afraid to reach out for what may appear to be beyond our grasp? Do we argue more for our limitations than we do for our possibilities? Have we lost faith in our ability to be more productive? Has the fear of failure become something very real in our lives? Are we far too concerned about what others might think? Have we become more complacent?

Well, the best selling book in history says that a man or woman without vision will perish. To remain stationary is to lose ground. The minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years that are wasted in our lives are those spent with no purpose. The time we spend running in place in our lives bears no fruit. If success can be defined as the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal or dream, what is your dream?

Define “WHY” you are building your business of MLM. Be specific. Project yourself five years into the future.

How will your life be different because you decided to experience a few inconveniences in the present to build your future?

Where will you be living?

What will be the size of your house?

Will it be on the lake?

Will it have a pool?

Where will you be going on vacation?

What kind of car will you be driving?

How much will you be donating to your church or favorite charity?

Would you like to have a second home? Where will it be?

Would you like to learn how to fly?

What will you be doing with your time now that you don’t work for anyone else?

Would you enjoy shopping in your favorite mall or, may be, New York without having to worry about how much you spend?

Can you imagine having no bills that you can’t pay?

How would it feel to achieve your financial goals and dreams?

How would it feel to be free? How would it feel to know that you helped some friends gain their economic freedom?

How would it feel if you never had to worry about money again?

How would it feel to know that your life has really made a difference?

How would it feel to realize that there is no way you can repay all the love that you have received?

How would it feel to be free?

These, my friends, are only a few of the possibilities. What do you want? Take it rank seriously. If you take a dwarfish attitude towards your business, you can’t expect big returns. If the large rewards are beyond your imagination at this time, then focus on whatever you can believe in for you. As you attain some of your smaller objectives, your confidence in your own abilities to achieve will grow and you will begin to aim higher, gradually.