Friday, August 15, 2008



Born in 1816 in Germany, as the son of a rabbi.

A bank clerk, flees to Paris in 1848.

Works in a news agency.

In 1849, uses pigeons to fly stock market prices

between Aachen and Brussels.

In 1851, opens telegraph office in London.

Forms alliance with US Associated Press in 1862.

A year later,

builds a telegram line between Wales and Ireland.

Company goes public in 1865.

First office in Asia in Bombay.

Opens in Shanghai in 1871.

And across the Far East a year later.

Expands to South America in 1874.

And eventually, to whatever was left of the world.

Represents over 1000 channels.

Supplies 450 of the world’s largest news broadcasters.

About 200 bureaus across 130 countries.

Reaches more than a billion people each day.

Israel Beer Josaphat.

Later baptized –

Paul Julius Reuter.

Founder of Reuters,

the world’s largest international news agency.

The man who saw a future.

In keeping the world in the present.

And creating history as he did so.

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