Monday, October 6, 2008



Dear friends,

It’s been a long month of Sundays since I could last write again due to my comprehensive involvement in the social sector interventions at Car Nicobar, the area that was the worst affected by the Tsunami of 26th December, 2004 in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands (India). Anyways, I’m happy to have been able to squeeze out some time out of the hectic schedule and get back to you, my beloved and valued readers. Hope, you’ve all been hale and hearty. 

Getting down to business, folks, today, let’s talk about one of the very basic aspects of succeeding in a Multi Level Marketing business which is often treated pretty casually and, hence, not paid due heed to and that is – How to build a winning TEAM for your organization. 

Different companies in this rapidly expanding field of Network Marketing advocate multifarious ways and methods of building a team from time to time due to increasing competition like generating leads with the help of lead-generating software and programs, using internet marketing & advertising for increasing recruitments etc, but the basics remain the same always. And my own experience in this field tells me that adherence to the basics is always the most successful policy that pays you greater dividends always in any given situation. 

Hence, here are the FOUR BASICS OF BUILDING A NETWORK of distributors in your organization:

I. Building a list of names

II. Contacting and inviting

III. Showing the plan.

IV. Follow-up and follow-through.

And this has to be a continuous process in a cycle.  

Building a List of Names 

Initial List of Names- 

1. MLM is a “People Business”:  

And that’s the reason why it is so very successful. If you put a number of people in front of the marketing plan, some will surely get in the business. Of those who get in, some will develop a small business and some will develop a big business.  

The number of times you will have to show the plan to carve a niche for yourself in the higher levels in your business is based upon a number of factors, such as the quality of the people you show and the period of time it takes to put prospects in front of the plan. 

2. To build a big business, you have to get people to see the Plan: 

To build a big business, the bottom line is that you have to consistently show the plan. You address this step for success by drafting an initial list of names of people you already know or have been acquainted with in the past. 


Some people when they start their business of Network Marketing are very hesitant to put their list together. This is a mistake! There is nothing to fear in jus putting down names and phone numbers on a piece of paper. Some people say their list is in their head, their Rolodex, their address book.

Actually, they don’t have a real list. If you want to succeed at building a big MLM business, you have to take time, overcome your doubts and fears, and start a list of names that will be prospects for your Multi Level Marketing business.  

If you feel that you need help in putting your list together, ask your sponsor or upline to help you. Also, allow your sponsor to go through the “Free Association” exercise with you. You know more people than you think you do.  

Work with your sponsor on this. Dedicate some quality time toward making written list of everyone you know using the Who Do You Know Worksheet, which might be available with your upline. Since your mind stores names by categories, consider sources of people, not just names. Some easy categories of people to approach are: 

I. Primary Prospects: 

1. Friends and relatives.

2. Neighbors, past and present.

3. School friends.

4. Coworkers or business associates.

5. Acquaintances. 

II. Secondary Prospects: 

Make new friends and keep adding to your list. By far the biggest category of people is “friends you haven’t made yet!” You may be looking at a future Diamond. Learn to be a good listener. If you care enough to listen and ask interesting questions, people will give you the opening you need to introduce the business. Be relaxed and confident. Don’t forget the biggest source of people- strangers who you want to become your friends. 

1. Develop awareness of prospects everyday- make it a habit.

2. View people either as already involved with your business or that they would like to be.

3. Circulate and cultivate. By shopping the same place, frequenting the same restaurant etc. you will establish good rapport with certain individuals.


Oftentimes we think certain people wouldn’t be interested in the business of Network Marketing (MLM) because it’s not their type of thing, we think that they are “doing well” already, or they intimidate us in some way.  

First, this business is for everyone- all types of people are succeeding in this business of Multi Level Marketing. 

Second- people who are doing well usually want to do better. Who can’t use more security, ongoing income, more free time etc.? The point is, let them see the plan and make up their own minds whether it is something they want to pursue, rather than prejudging them and deciding for them. Remember, if you don’t show them this business, sooner or later someone will. And you sure wouldn’t want to be the one losing. Would you?


  1. Massive success in any MLM program requires that you build a large 'downline' of motivated representatives. While you should always work steadily and consistently to recruit new people into your network, you also need to know how to build your downline fast.
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  2. Very true, Buddy! But speedily building your downline does require a meticulously built foundation for your organisation, at the outset, on the basis of which you can snowball your downline fast with an increasing momentum. Concentrating on the quality of your network is also very crucial for you to see that your business doesn't have many hiccups on the way. Right!?

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and sharing your valuable thoughts and opinions with all of us, here, Nykemartyn! Looking forward to your esteemed contributions on a regular basis for the benefit of all the Networkers. Cheers!

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  4. Oh! Sure, I've updated your URL with me. Thanks, Anuja!

    I'm flying to Car Nicobar again tomorrow morning by chopper for a week or so. I'd be back by Diwali.


    I'd get back to you by then. Take care! Best wishes to you and your family.

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  6. There are various ways to build a downline via internet. I agree with you about building a list, however, there are creative ways to go about doing this. The main tool for any online business is the autoresponder. Many people build their downline online via use a website with a plug-in downline builder page. Some even write eBooks and then sell the eBook with a plug-in downline builder page included. Some internet marketers use forums to build downlines. The 3 methods above are the primary ways successful internet marketers build downlines online.

  7. Hi,

    I really liked your post, interesting perspective. I was looking out for the same kind of information. Thanks a lot for sharing it...

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  8. Hi, Gavin and Anabella! Thanks indeed for sharing with us the experienced and spirited opinion on the subject, here. And what beautiful site you yourself are developing, Gavin! Keep it up, Buddy! Looking forward to having you contribute your experienced opinions, here, more often for the benefit of one and all in the field of MLM. Cheers!

    If, at all, I could get an access to your site, Anabella, in case it was not so privately reserved, I would have liked to know about you and your pursuits too. All the best!

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