Monday, June 2, 2008



Bill Gates’ Son-in-Law”

Father: “I want you to marry a girl of my choice.”

Son: “I will choose my own bride!”

Father: “But the girl is Bill Gates’ daughter.”

Son: “Well, in that case……… Ok.”

Next- Father approaches Bill Gates.

Father: “I have a husband for your daughter.”

Bill Gates: “But my daughter is too young to marry!”

Father: “But this young man is a Vice President of the World Bank.”

Bill Gates: “Ah, in that case……. Ok.”

Finally Father goes to see the President of the World Bank.

Father: “I have a young man to be recommended as a vice-president.”

President: “But I already have more vice-presidents than I need!”

Father: “But this young man is Bill Gates’ son-in-law.”

President: “Ah, in that case…….. Ok.”

This is how business is done!

Well, this is one of the most amusing jokes that I often use as an effective example of smartness in business while speaking in my Seminars/business meetings. A businessman, especially a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Networker/Distributor has a very basic lesson to learn from this joke.

It’s very important for a businessman to understand the demand for various products in the market. What people want? What are their requirements? What’s in and what’s out? What’s the latest talk of the town? One has to keep abreast of the changing tastes and the changing lifestyles of the people, as well.

The next point to ponder over is how you can relate your product to these demands/requirements. In a nutshell, it’s all about dynamic, shrewd, innovative and smart way of marketing and advertising your product in the market. You would be able to sell your product like hot cakes without qualms, once you have mastered the art of innovative and aggressive marketing.

This joke also reminds me of a rather unorthodox doctrine often practiced and preached by one of my highly respected seniors in Direct Marketing – Mr. Satyajit Mukherji, who was the Senior Divisional Sales Manager at Eureka Forbes Ltd at Kolkata (then, Calcutta) in the year 1990, where I was selling ‘Euro Air’ Air Purifiers, door-to-door. And that is – THE THREE ‘C’s IN MARKETING – “CONVINCE, CONFUSE AND CORRUPT”, that can be used to one’s advantage while marketing a product to a customer, though not necessarily in that order always. And believe me; it works, like it worked fantastically for the Father in the joke.


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