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10 Tips to Make More Money with Sponsored Tweets

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Many of my friends, who have joined the sought-after program, have been asking me, of late, how to make good money with their SponsoredTweets account. Hence, I’m posting these surefire tips for the benefit of you all, here, as I’ve learnt from the successful Web Celebrity, John Chow who happens to be my sponsor on SponsoredTweets. Hope, you make the most of these and get benefited, incredibly.

You’ve signed up for Sponsored Tweets and now you’re waiting for the advertisers to order some paid tweets from you so you can start making the $300 to $7,500 an hour, I talked about in the Sponsored Tweets - Raining Money Through Twitter post, a couple of weeks ago. However, you haven’t gotten one single offer. What’s going on? Here are ten tips to increase your chances of getting a sponsored tweet.

1- Experience Counts

If you’re brand new to Twitter, then your chances of an advertiser ordering a paid tweet from you is slim to none. Your Twitter account should be at least 120 days old before applying to Sponsored Tweets as most advertisers simply will not buy tweets from any accounts that are younger than that.

The account age is valuable for advertisers to filter out spammers and low value Tweeters. If someone has a high number of followers and just recently created an account it may be reason for suspicion. If your Twitter account is brand new, don’t apply. Wait for your account to grow sturdy before applying.

2 - Have a Complete Twitter Profile

Advertisers like to know who they’re advertising with. If your Twitter profile is incomplete and still running the default background, don’t expect many orders. You don’t have to get a custom Twitter background, but you should make sure all your information is filled out. Make sure you upload your photo or custom Avatar as well.

3 - Add SponsoredTweets To Your Advertise Page

If you’re going to accept Sponsored Tweets, then you might as well tell your advertisers about it. You can use your blog/website’s advertise page to list the benefits of using your Twitter account to help get the advertiser’s message out. Then you can link to the Sponsored Tweets website so they can order.

4 - Show Some Tweet Click Stats

Sponsored Tweets

If you use Hootsuite as your Twitter client (and you should if you’re not), then you can take advantage of its built in stat tracking feature. This is a great way to show advertisers that your followers click on the links you send out.

5 - Turn On ClickWatch

ClickWatch is a program designed to provide a level of protection for advertisers who engage Tweeters in the Sponsored Tweets marketplace. When a Tweeter participating in ClickWatch makes a sponsored tweet, the system checks the click performance of that tweet after 48 hours. If the cost per click (CPC) for that tweet is above $1.50, the system will automatically schedule another tweet. The system will check performance again after another 48 hours and make a 3rd tweet if necessary.

Advertisers are lot more likely to order paid tweets from a Tweeter who has ClickWatch on rather than someone who has it off. You can turn on ClickWatch in your SponsoredTweets control panel.

6 - Monitor The Competition

Wondering if your paid tweet price is too high or too low? You can find out by checking out your competition. Sponsored Tweets maintain a list of tweeters and how much it costs to advertise with them. You don’t have to be an advertiser to view the list.

I’ve made three price adjustments to my tweet price since signing up with Sponsored Tweets. These adjustments help to maintain one’s competitiveness. SponsoredTweets gives you a recommended price when you first sign up. However, you don’t have to take it. The best way to set the price is to see what the competition is charging and then charge accordingly.

7 - Maintain Good Followers to Friends Ratio

When an advertiser views your Sponsored Tweets profile, they’re presented with some key information about you. One piece of info is the Ratio. This shows the number of people you’re following vs. the number of people following you. A Ratio of 1 means you follow the same number of people as the number of people following you. It can also mean you’re using auto following programs to inflate your follower count.

From an advertiser standpoint, the higher the Ratio number, the better. It tells the advertisers that your followers are following you because they want to hear what you have to say and not because you will auto follow them back.

8 - Sign Up for a Klout Account

Another stat Sponsored Tweets advertisers see is your Klout score. The Klout Score is a numerical representation of the size and strength of your sphere of influence on Twitter. The size of your sphere of influence is calculated by measuring true reach (engaged followers and friends vs. spam bots, dead accounts, etc).

The strength of influence is the likelihood that someone will listen or act upon any specific message and is measured by looking at interactions across the social graph. The scores range from 1-100 with higher scores representing a wider and stronger sphere of influence. Here’s the key. Unless you sign up for a Klout account, your score shows up as zero in the SponsoredTweets page.

9 - Build Real Influence

If you thought that the way to make money with Sponsored Tweets was to build a big list by auto following and unfollowing thousands of people, think again. Advertisers are not dumb. They know how that game works. They’re looking for Tweeters with real influence. That means you actually have to work to build up your Twitter profile instead of letting a program do it. It means you have to get people to follow you because they want to follow you and not because you’ll auto follow them back. When you have real influence, you’ll have a lot more of offers, you’ll command a higher price per tweet and you’ll be able to do step 10.

10 - Apply for Celebrity Status

Sponsored Tweets

When advertisers search for Tweeters to advertise with, Sponsored Tweets list the stars and web celebrities first. It goes without saying that being listed on the first page will give you a lot more exposure and therefore a lot more offers.

Sponsored Tweets monitors new Tweeters as they sign up. If they recognize your name they will automatically upgrade you to Internet Celebrity. If not you will need to fill out a form. Pass along things like your Wikipedia page, Blog, You Tube Channel or other relevant sites. Having a bunch of followers on Twitter does not automatically make you a Web Celeb. Acceptance into the program requires influence, visibility and marketability. If you can’t get celebrity status, then ask to be a “staff pick” as they’re listed right after web celebrities.

After all, my dear friends, if you go on doing what you have been doing, you will go on getting what you have been getting. So, do follow the above-mentioned valuable tips and make some real money tweeting on Twitter.

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  1. I'm very well on my way to becoming one, sooner than many would even imagine, Magali/Pearl!

    There's no short cut to success and that's what is the principal bottomline that I've tried my best to convey through this post of mine.

    You'll be benefited more and better if you applied these tips for your SponsoredTweets account on the nail.

    I look forward to some valuable tips from you if you could enlighten me and help me achieve the Web Celeb status earlier. Plz do... Will you...? :)))

  2. Jokes apart... I started my journey on the SponsoredTweets bandwagon just a month and a half ago when I had a measly 38 followers to my Twitter account, dear Pearl!

    It's only after joining that I began a much-needed research on the high-profile program and thanks to the awesome guidance and support of my grand sponsor, John Chow (Web Celeb), I've now reached a stage where I'm able to lend a helping hand to my friends who have also joined and are making money through it. :)

    Good luck to you! Do keep me posted about your progress on the program. Cheers!!!

  3. Love to see this discussion! It’s great to see you all working through the issues and also, it’s great to see recommendations for testing. In the end, it’s what your actual users do and prefer that should be your biggest driver in making these decisions.
    Great article and discussion!
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  4. Thanks very much, dear Jacob, for your kind appreciation. See you back here, soon, for more. Cheers! :)