Friday, July 10, 2009

How To Become A Leader in MLM


Hey, friends! One of the surest ways to achieve success in life is to become a leader in your chosen field of Network Marketing. Many people shy away from the thought of being a leader because they don't feel that they have the natural confidence or ability to lead others, but there is a secret to becoming a great leader…


The secret to becoming a great leader is to understand that most leaders started out by being 'Intelligent Followers'.

An intelligent follower is someone who:

1. Chooses the right leader to follow

2. Listens and learns from the person he/ she is following

3. Takes actions and applies the things he/ she learns

Once you start using this process you will discover that leadership is a skill like any other and that you can learn to be a great leader.

So today I'd like to encourage you to make the decision to become a leader in your chosen field of Multi Level Marketing (MLM).

Start by identifying someone in your area who has achieved the position you want to achieve and who conducts himself/ herself with integrity. Next, learn as much as you can by observing and listening to the person you have chosen to follow. If you don't have personal access to them, subscribe to their blogs and follow them on Twitter to gain an insight into the way they think.

Finally, the most important step of all is to apply the ideas and strategies that you learn in your field of MLM. One of my favorite quotes of all times is the one that Anthony says:

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do."
- Goethe

By being an intelligent follower, you will rapidly gain the skills and experience that you need to become a great leader in your own right.

For more details one can also refer to what Anthony says in his book – The Oracle’s Secret.


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