Wednesday, July 29, 2009



Suskan Consultants, Training, Personality Development, Sales, Management, Performance, in Kolkata, India, West Bengal, Corporate Training, Kanak Jain, Debasis Mukherjee, DM, Suskan, Ask Suskan, AskSuskan: "SANTOSH NAIR, a towering personality in the field of corporate training, inspirational coaching and motivational skill building. A strong believer in productive performance and implementation of knowledge, he has been continuously setting up milestones in the field of training and development not just through his powerful, energetic and vivacious personality but also through his ability to relate directly to the hearts of the masses, quite evidently because of his humble background."

An idol to many, he has a track record of constantly moving ahead in life with lightening speed, no matter what the situation and has achieved paramount success in all his endeavors, throughout his career of more than 2 decades. Over the years, Santosh Nair has brought about revolutionary changes in the minds of many a lives, through his power packed, thought provoking and highly inspirational training programmes, thus helping them build life skills, develop strong attitudes, motivating individuals to constantly enhance their knowledge wealth and also guiding people develop strong habits by training them in a variety of areas that has helped ordinary individuals achieve the extra ordinary.

AND MY DEAR FRIENDS,I am a huge fan of Mr. Santosh Nair having had the fortune of being with him through the training that he imparted for FREE INDIA CONCEPTS at Mumbai in Junew, 2003.Hat's off to him...

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