Monday, March 10, 2008



Starting with Eureka Forbes, WWI of USA, and Zee Network, 14 years of hard core professional Direct Marketing (door-to-door/Man-to-Man), hooked me onto the captivating web of MLM during late nineties, initially, against my wish (peer pressure), soon after the same began mushrooming in various towns and cities across the Indian mainland and the Islands of Andaman & Nicobar, as well.

The medley of experiences in some of the basic forms of MLM (Binary, Trinary, Metrics etc.), and the in-depth wholesome study and devout, crazy and obsessive involvement, coupled with unrivalled, top level performances and earnings/accomplishments, inspired me to start this MLM Consultancy Service for fellow brethren of MLM.

Hence, WE at Zillion 2nd Innings are committed to discuss, research, analyze, infer, conclude, and inform you about the most sought after, in vogue, controversial and highly competitive world of MLM in India. You can explore, discover, learn, the modus operandi and implement the success formulae, with the help of expert professional guidance by our experienced and accomplished MLM Leaders/achievers, who are committed to help you succeed in this highly rewarding, at the same time, highly competitive business of MLM, purely on the basis of personal, practical experiences and achievements.

Come; let us show the world WE can do it and prove the skeptics wrong, and bottom-line– earn our share of success through this God sent opportunity.

Come; Join us In Celebrating the Eternal opportunity! JUICE BY THAT...


CEO, Zillion 2nd Innings

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