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Data Entry Opportunities in India

Data Entry is another field, in which one can seek great earning opportunities, and is high in demand, these days, even in India. You will come across innumerable people who are interested in starting up their own business and without any exception most of them are on the look out for data entry jobs. And out of this group you will find 98% of them have been victims to scams and frauds ending up losing money (although the amount may not be a lump sum one) in the whole process! From several such experiences, a single common question comes up and that is- "Do data entry opportunities really exist?"

Data entry opportunities - My experience

Well, as a data entry worker myself, my obvious answer to this question is Yes, of course it does! Data entry opportunities prevail and are spread all over the world, but all you have to do is to select the right kind of job for you without falling into the trap of scammers and frauds. Data entry, data processing, data conversion or just name any of these related jobs, have been experiencing a massive growth over the past decade. Organizations and the big business houses are feeling the intense need of getting their data processed and manage their ever growing company related information. This has gradually led to ample data entry opportunities with the company hiring large number of data entry clerks so as to ensure the smooth, uninterrupted and efficient management of information.

Home Typists

Apart from being a full time employee, you can also work on a part-time basis. Data entry opportunities of such kind do also exist. You will work from the comforts of your home, in your own flexible manner and there will be no time constraints. Such opportunities include online work from homes, medical billing, medical coding, work of transcriptions, legal transcription, telephone call transcriptions, business coding, data recording, data capturing and many others. One of the most recent and upcoming data entry opportunities is the job of Home Typists. This particular position has been specifically designed for the inexperienced groups of people who have no prior experience or expertise in data entry works.
For the interested and experienced groups of people, data entry opportunities have paved yet another path for earning hard money. It is the job of a simple Affiliate Marketing System program. The job profile out here is as simple as ABC. All you have to do is submit some forms online, or work as mere home typists and all these have to be done by using up the services of Google. Internet connection for this type of data entry opportunities is a must. Thinking of it to be some kind of illegal or scam job? It's my assurance to you; these are completely
legal and honest jobs. It is nothing but simple product promotion.


Data entry opportunities of these kinds will fetch you a pay somewhere between $20-$100 for each transaction that you make. Most of the companies give out payments on a monthly basis, but some do process payments twice a month. Availing these types of data entry opportunities will not only help you earn, but will give a whole new dimension to your life.

Data Entry Careers

In India, always there are vacancies in the data entry careers category. Particularly in big cities like Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai, plenty of data entry careers are vacant. Always the data entry companies are looking for data entry operators to work offline from their offices on different kind of projects. Here I would explain in detail, how to find the best suited data entry career for you.

Offline data entry careers in India

As I have explained above, the need for proficient and experienced data entry operators is in high demand, particularly from big cities in India. But to join them, you need to fulfill the minimum requirements of the companies. Given below, is the list of the requirements of most companies who are looking for data entry works. If you have just completed your college or High school and are looking for a suitable data entry career, read the following and try to develop your knowledge on these subjects :

Offline data entry career requirements

Touch typing knowledge in English and your local language with a
minimum speed of 40 Words/Sec with accuracy 95%
Good command over English
Ability to work on MS Word and Excel
Ability to surf and search the internet.
Must have working knowledge of computer
Scanning of pictures and documents
Knowledge of some OCR softwares

Good communication skills
Knowledge of maintaining data records in computer and retrieving the required datas from that as quick as possible.

But there are very specific requirements from different companies. But developing your skills on the above said areas is very important to find the best suitable data entry offline work career in India. It is also highly recommended having some professional certificates from good recognised institutes will help you a lot. You may have your own ability to work on computers. But the companies are looking for certificates, at first. Having a 'Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA)' and a certificate for your typing ability will attract the guys who review the CVs. So, it is very important to develop your data entry skills and get certificated for your skill and experience.

How to find the data entry career

You can find different data entry careers on different websites and local news papers. Also there are some other websites, where you can find different offers all over India. You can do a search for the term "DATA ENTRY" at There you can find plenty of opportunities to start your data entry career.

Register and update your CV
You can find many data entry careers on the Internet. Among them the following websites are very good :

You can do a search on these websites to find the right data entry career. At the same time, it is very important to register with them and upload your CV to make your CV available to data entry companies. Also make sure your CV`s contents and the description you enter on their websites should include specific 'Key Word Phrases'. For example, if you are looking for a data entry career at Bangalore, Make sure the key phrases 'Data Entry' and 'Bangalore' should be included in the CV`s content, at least 5 to 10 times. The key phrases are very important and it will make the search engine find your CV for that particular term. So, if any company from Bangalore is looking for a data entry operator, it will search the job site and will find you very easily.


After the high school days, many a people plan to work as a data processor. Reason being: it brings in good money with minimal work; that's it!! Who wants to work for hours and earn peanuts if the reversal is possible! Right you are. This is the age of globalization and more importantly the age of tough competition. And for those who want to minimize their working efforts and earn the maximum, for them data processing is an ideal work to be done.


Data processing is a computerized process that converts any kind of data into a concrete piece of information that is easy to read and simple to understand. This concrete piece of information generally comes in an understandable and readable format. The work of processing is usually done on running on a computer and is believed to be a fully automated service. Now you can in no way deny the importance of data to any business organization, be it a small one or a big one. And if seen from the perspective of the growth and prosperity of these business houses, data processing is an indispensable task.

Data or any piece of information turns out to be most useful and also informative once they are presented in a rich and formidable manner. As because the work of data processing is to make the present piece of data all the more informative, thus data processing is very often referred to as the 'information systems' and this particular system sheds light and the practicality of the data.

In a nutshell, the work of data processing is just to manipulate the unused form of raw data into some kind of concrete and useful information. Just feed your machine the raw data and it will give you the most useful and valuable output.

All across the world, the global business houses and the big IT firms and organizations depend heavily on this data processing or data manipulation process, by whatever name you call it, for the purpose of maintaining the updated and the most effective competition. A large number of big scale industries and even the overseas clients like professionals, retailers and manufacturers heavily depend of data processing and consider it to be their ultimate tool in the competitive market. Thus, is felt the need to outsource the work of data processing as well. Outsourcing the data processing services proves to be one of the most viable options to exist in the market of tough competition and on top of it, it turns out to be all the more cost effective and profitable.

Some of the most common services of data processing are as follows:
· Forms processing
· Document processing
· Word processing
· Insurance processing
· Legal document processing
· OCR clean up
· Bar coding
· Scanning from hardcopies and microfilms
· Indexing
· Archiving

Efficient data processing empowers the overseas and the global organizations with a great extent of flexibility that enables them to keep pace with the rapid growth and ever-changing business trends and environment. Comprehensive data processing provides a competitive advantage as well. It lets the client to fully concentrate on such core business activities that center on data processing services. And as far as the Indian service providers are concerned, they solely aim to foster the overall development of their client with the help of their expertise data processing services, capturing and digitizing data from a number of inputs
After going through the detailed description related to data processing and the processing work, you can as well ask me about the working hours and conditions of a data processing worker.

Never mind, I'll shed some light on that aspect as well. 40 hours a week is the standard working hours for the processing workers on an average. All you have to do is sit back in the clean and well furnished office premises and work on processing data from several inputs. And earnings? Well, to be frank it is totally dependent on your pursuit and potentiality.
But on an average, a sincere and hard working processor can shoot up his earning to about $15,000 - $20,000 in a month!!

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