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1. Develop faith and belief in the Business Concept.

2. Have faith and belief in the Corporation; faith in totality i.e. in its Products, its Management, its commitment, everything.

3. Have unconditional faith and belief in your Up-line, i.e. your Line of Sponsorship (LOS), who are interested only in your success. Keep regular contact with your up-line and get all questions and problems clarified and solved at the quickest possible time to improve your credibility to your down-line.

4. Have faith in yourself and in your spouse. Develop your self image, develop your level of conviction, build your commitment, and give this business of MLM, the priority. This will change your life and that of your down-lines also.

5. Remember that you are helping people by unfolding a unique business opportunity to them. A little bit of an INDIFFERENT ATTITUDE will work best for you in this matter. Your attitude should be like- “If you accept this opportunity, good for you; if you don’t, not bad for me; rather, you are losing an opportunity that doesn’t come your way too often”. Never be persuasive or nagging type. Behave in a friendly, debonair manner, and of course, uphold your own image and those of your up-lines, as well. Understand and remember that your ROLE is of a GIVER and not that of a TAKER. For these developments to take place, follow the system of success in MLM consistently and persistently. FIGURE OUT YOUR OWN DREAM AND WRITE IT DOWN and

a. Attach a date to it, fix it in such places where your eyes will frequently fall upon (on refrigerator, tops, mirrors etc, and don’t feel ashamed to do it. [VISUALISE]

b. Speak about your dreams (which are, now, your GOALS as you have already attached a date to them) with your spouse and children and also with your LOS (Line of Sponsorship). [VERBALISE]

c. And program yourself, accordingly, to reach those Goals. [VITALISE]

6. Read recommended books and listen to recommended tapes to educate yourself about human psychology, how to influence people and convince them and to improve your POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE (PMA). Attend seminars and other functions to associate yourself with the people who are already successful in this business and whom you would like to follow.

7. Be Teachable- Accountable- both to others and to yourself.

8. Develop a habit of reading recommended books for 30 minutes/day and listening to recommended tapes for 15 minutes, everyday before going to bed- no matter how tired you are. That proves your accountability to yourself.

9. All these, will raise your level of conviction which will, ultimately, help you in your success in this business of MLM. Until and unless you can improve your level of conviction, you can’t be successful. While, you are Showing the Plan (STP), the people who are watching you are constantly judging you. So, it doesn’t matter what you say, but does matter how you say. They are interested in seeing how much of conviction, you have in this business concept, how excited you are about this business, how committed you are towards this business. Hence, remember, they are always judging you.


This gorgeous business of MLM is a trade, which is very closely related to your life, in general. Learning and teaching is a continuous and consistent process that has to be followed to the T. In this business, you ought to learn from your seniors i.e. the already successful people, who know how the game is played and what the ins and outs of the trade are; and to teach your down-lines the very same in an officious and selfless manner. Remember your down-lines’ success is your success. So, give your optimum to their cause in order to get the same back from them for your sake.


You have to do it just the way you take care of your kids. They are your biggest assets in the business. Convince them, nurture them, motivate them, and build healthy long term professional relationship with them. Do whatever it takes to help them identify, strive for and achieve their goals, because doing that will ensure your goals being materialized in the process. This is the beauty of this business. Sponsoring 15-20 direct down-lines/distributors and helping them in the manner described above would ensure, at least, 4-5 of them becoming the stalwarts of your organization. And once, a strong foundation of your organization is prepared, you can build an empire of successful MLM Leaders leading and managing their own healthy and rapidly advancing organizations under your able, efficient and inspiring guidance and leadership.


Inculcating sound business habits and ethics within yourself and your organization and building a very high standard/level of confidence based on the knowledge and skills of the system of the business, always results in enabling you to be fully equipped and prepared and TOUGH so that you and your organization are able to overcome any form or dimension of TOUGH TIMES or obstacles/hindrances that may come your way in the process of expanding or executing your business. Hence, always make sure you and your organization are tough (well equipped and capable) in the trade and also see to it that the same trend or ethics is being duplicated down the line in your entire organization’s generations because POWER BREEDS POWER.


1. “How to win friends and influence people”- Dale Carnegie

2. “Magic of thinking Big”- David Schwartz

3. “Think and grow rich”- Nepolean Hill

4. Master key to riches”- Nepolean Hill

5. “7 habits of highly effective people”- Steven Covey

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