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Possibly, more than any other type of business, MLM stresses the absolute necessity of setting GOALS. It has been reported by Harvard University that only 10% of the population ever establish Goals in their minds and only 3% actually write them down. The 3% who put their goals in writing, far out distance the other 97% in getting what they want out of their lives.

Ask yourself, what you want to achieve as a result of your MLM business. Do you want to add an extension to your home, or buy a new house or car? Are you saving for special vacations or your children’s college education? Do you want to make investments so that you will become basically independent? Setting REALISTIC GOALS is a very mentally tiring activity and not as easy as it sounds. But, it is absolutely necessary if you are to succeed in MLM (or any other business, for that matter).


You must also expect to invest some money. You must have sales aid and you should have enough products to sell to your distributors, as soon as you sponsor them. Having products on hand often encourages people to immediately begin looking for potential downline distributors. You may also want to place ads and/or make direct mailings to look for distributors. But, whatever you spend, the investment does not even begin to approach the smallest amount of capital needed to get started in a conventional business.

Be aware that you will face disappointment and discouragement along the way. You will be enthusiastic and excited about the financial independence which MLM offers and you will expect everyone you speak to, to feel the same way. Unfortunately, they won’t. Many people may accuse you of having gone crazy. They may laugh at you or crack jokes at your expense. They may even become angry. The anger is usually connected with the fear that you really might have something good and might become wealthy, while they remain in the same financial position, they are in right now. In order to reach your goals in Multi Level Marketing (or any other business), you must be willing to move on and move ahead, even if it means leaving some of your old friends behind.


The biggest and most important factor that you bring to your MLM business is YOU- Your Personality, your knowledge of the company and the products plus your enthusiasm and desire to be a WINNER. All MLM companies encourage their distributors to purchase MOTIVATIONAL BOOKS AND TAPES. I highly recommend this not only for MLM people, but for anyone who wants to succeed in any business- or in life for that matter. When things do not go right, when the prospect you expected doesn’t join, when there are delays in orders etc., your mental attitude may become negative. “Feeding your mind” with positive books and tapes and associating with people who are supportive and “up”, will help you get back on the positive track, again.

MULTI LEVEL MARKETING is not for everyone. Before you commit yourself, do enough homework to decide if it’s for you. If you come to a positive conclusion on this point, get out your PROSPECT LIST, your GOAL SHEET, your books and tapes; add onto your enthusiasm and

--Swami Vivekananda

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